Thumper Punk Records Releases Cover Songs Fundraiser for Too Bad Eugene


The amazing 90s punk rock band Too Bad Eugene (TBE) is in the process of recording a new full-length album, and is fundraising to support album costs. TBE’s founder Adam Nigh was an early member of Craig’s Brother, who wrote and sang the incredible song ‘My Annie’ on the Craig’s Brother album Homecoming, inspired by his feelings for his then girlfriend and now wife.

Thumper Punk Records is releasing a “pay what you want” fundraiser compilation featuring old and new covers with all proceeds going to TBE to assist with their recording costs. Be sure to support TBE when downloading the album which is exclusively available from the Thumper Punk Records bandcamp site.

The album features tracks from False Idle (feat. Joshua Kemble of Dogwood / Saint Didacus), Metanoia, Doowy Doyon, Olivier Loiselle, Homonovux, Branden Gerbracht, and a new acoustic version from Adam Nigh.


  1. False Idle (feat. Joshua Kemble of Dogwood / Saint Didacus) – My Annie 03:04
  2. Metanoia – Sin Palabras 03:16
  3. Doowy Doyon – My Stephy 03:05
  4. Olivier Loiselle – My Annie 03:34
  5. Homonovux – Mi Amada 04:19
  6. Branden Gerbracht – My Annie 03:35
  7. Adam Nigh – My Annie 03:33


Thumper Punk Records helps artists record, produce and distribute music that reflects a positive, Christ-centered message.

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