Throne of Awful Splendor – “The Supernal Hunger” (ep)


The Supernal Hunger_EPThrone of Awful Splendor unleashes an ep full of blackened death metal in their re-release of 2014’s The Supernal Hunger, and this time on Sky Burns Black Records as a complete package.  For those interested in those genres, this is one to pick up.

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Throne of Awful Splendor formed in 2013 and actually first released The Supernal Hunger ep in early 2014 and re-released at the very end of 2015.  Recording for the ep was done in Vancouver at Green Light Studios and mixing and mastering were handled by guitarist Colin St. Claire.

Based on the trials of Christ during his 40 days in the wilderness, The Supernal Hunger has a bit of an epic feel to it.  For those that can easily understand the lyrics and being blackened death metal, that will present a challenge, one can see that a lot of thought and time has gone into them, which also adds to that epic feel (you can read them at the Bandcamp site).  Production is very clean and full, and vocals and instruments are distinct in the mix, which is almost a bit out of place for something with so much black metal influence, but I certainly appreciate it.

From early in “The Supernal Hunger” it becomes clear where the band is heading as the blast beats come in, followed shortly by some gravelly, snarled black metal style vocals.  The vocals throughout alternate largely between the snarled black metal and the deeper more booming style death/black vocals but some clean vocals actually make an appearance as well to provide some relief.  The song in general takes some interesting twists and turns and keeps the listener interested, all the while the blast beats come and go.  Though not directly mentioned in the band member section, there are also some keyboards that provide just the right touch of atmosphere throughout.

“Trial of Decimation” begins with almost a groove type riff amid the blast beats and black metal vocals before breaking and then coming back with a different groove and reverting back to more of traditional blackened death metal form, all the while the blast beats and double bass going at a very fast clip.

“LuciPhilsophaster” closes out the ep and begins with a somewhat eerie, quiet section with some hoarsely whispered vocals before the guitars come in and when they do, they have that sharp, cutting tone that is present throughout the album and it really works well.  Much like the other tracks on this ep, the song takes a number of twists and turns through black metal and melodic death.  Overall, this is a great listen, and another release to add to the list of “how did I miss this when it first came out?”

Rating: 8/10

Written by John Jackson

1. Supernal Hunger
2. A Nemesis Reared at Genesis
3. Trial of Decimation
4. LuciPhilosophaster

Band Members:
Rodney Wilder – Vocals
Colin St. Claire – Guitar
Adam Roethlisberger – Bass
Jason Borton – Drums/Clean Vocals

Record Label: SkyBurnsBlack Records, Dec. 2015

Weblinks: Facebook / Bandcamp

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