Brutal Death Metal and slam Metal Project Three Days In Hell Releases First Album, “A Bloody Retelling”


Three Days In Hell have debuted their first album, “A Bloody Retelling”, which is being released through The Bearded Dragon Productions. The band was created through 2018 by Samuel Reeves on Vocals and Chris Besonen on Guitars and Drums.

The album is a concept release, setting up a long future of similar releases, including a series of split EPs. evilSHED, a project created by Besonen, has been a part of this form of storytelling, and the two acts continue to present an interesting form of lyrical composure, despite their raw production values.

All I can say is the album is raw, rough, heavy and full of bizarre Metal noise. I think it reflects the lyrics well, as they chronicle the events of the Old Testament, which is bloody, violent and a bit unorganized too. The Bible is Brutal, so we want to reflect that in every way we can!” states Besonen.

The Great Sin 03:10
A Midnight Parable 03:42
Under the Current 02:20
Brimstone 03:40
The Hammer Falls 02:43
Crushed Beneath Debris 03:28
Split the Pillars 03:26
Beheading the Nephilim 03:27
Rain Down Fire 03:01
The Lion’s Jaws 02:44
Whale Regurgitation 03:22

The album is currently available on The Bearded Dragon’s Bandcamp.

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