Thrash Metal Band ‘Detritus’ to Play First Show In 25 Years at Rock Alive 2019 (Netherlands)


Earlier this month, Mark Broomhead confirmed a reunion concert with Detritus on the Rock Alive 2019 festival . This will be the first International (and currently only planned) Detritus concert for more than quarter of a century. Detritus will be playing on May 18th.

Other performing band’s will be: Jerusalem (SE), Larry Norman Tribute feat Charles Norman, Next Door To Heaven (RU), Bowery (RU), Speak Brother (UK), Last Of The Spoken (UK), Holy Blood (UA), Last Son of Eve (NL), Dark Sky (DE), I Am The Deceiver (DE), Rising Insane (DE).

As previously reported, the next edition of the Rock Alive festival will be 3 days, May 17-19 2019. At a different location as last year, namely De Betteld in Zelhem (the Netherlands).

Detritus was/is a Texan-European thrash metal band that originated in 1989. The band consists of two current and former members of the Thrash Metal band, Seventh Angel and two former members of the Conroe, Texas band Intestinal Pull. The band broke up in October 1993. Vocalist/Bassist Mark Broomhead formed Fire Fly and joined Seventh Angel. Walter “Wally” Wallace relocated to Chugwater, Wyoming to pursue his interest in chili.

Their discography consists of:

“A Taste Reality” (Demo, 1990), “Perpetual Defiance” (Full Length, 1990), White Metal Warriors – Last Ship Home (1991; Split w/ Seventh Angel, Stairway, Lazarus, Maverick)
“Treachery of the Century” (Demo, 1992), “If But for One” (Full Length, 1993), Redneck Soundcheck: Live at Montgomery County Civic Center (1993).

What this means for the future of Detritus, more shows, new album ? … time will tell.

Last Known Lineup:
Walter “Wally” Wallace – Lead Vocals,
Mark Broomhead – Vocals, Bass (Seventh Angel)
Andy Neal – Guitar
Earl Morris – Guitar (ex-Seventh Angel)
Andy Bright – Drums

Follow Detritus at: Facebook[0]=68.ARAk_OX7WvX_t3xHjBo58YEfHE74_jyBW1GusK5Z9T4OkzfbP1pDBQP1Qb0QygpbHT6dS3lTdR5dt7UTRitdWHbQead6IJF0As1Em-qDsrySODxKp2bkj38_TPdVMvkQyKRdiOeLFdDeEZHeVrI0PmWQb5mn1lwzrz0iYD8kfUNhSzxjqP4Wdh_XucN6J-MRTjhG9u9ThFiaEMkWKGG0kiwFUn5Jz_lQhFrC9JbduaIBS4WGOMNIycujY3Os606s5HnY3zLNL9FL2mqPGE14zaNpMLS6_KYBWUhJpuHUjUpQz6Zazo9Zhd6yU9kRNFDm80H0bM6-0yTpRTN1BtbydGOC7_M5kQyKcI8&__tn__=-R

Video (audio) for ‘Morbid Curiosity’

Video (audio) for ‘Masquerade’

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