‘Theocracy’ ‘As The World Bleeds’ Now Available In ‘North America’


Theocracy issued the following message: Today [yesterday] we’re celebrating the North American release of our new album As The World Bleeds through Nightmare Records. So you can immediately join in on the celebration we’ve posted all of the links at the official site to purchase the album over at the iTunes store, Amazon MP3, etc. Check it out, and as always, thanks for your support.

European release date for As The World Bleeds will be on November 25th through Ulterium Records. The album will also be released as a double gatefold vinyl edition, strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide.

Below some quotes from reviews for Theocracy‘s new masterpiece As The World Bleeds (in stores November 21st / NA and November 25th / EU) have now been published. Have a look below for a small sample of what the journalists are saying about their journey through the new album:

And check out the video’s below:  30 Pieces of Silver the first single from the up-coming album As The World Bleeds. The single is available on iTunes, Amazon mp3, Spotify etc. Also a video with highlights from their first European tour last month.

“The bottom line is that is refreshing to have these guys back with a powerful new record, full of bombastic hooks and melodies. The most complete album to date and full of unforgettable tracks.” My Global Mind Webzine / Denys

“As the World Bleeds” is an album that, just like its predecessors, is very impressive. Or to keep it within the frame of reference of the band: heavenly!” Lords of Metal / Patrick

“This is an absolute must have for every metal fan. The best album produced so far by Theocracy and they proved themselves again to be at the very top in the Power Metal Universe”. The Metal Resource / Arjan

“For the third release Smith has surrounded himself for the first time with a full band, and the difference is noticeable. One word: solos! The lead guitar work of Val Allen Wood adds a healthy dose of shredding madness to the recipe and the guitar work in general is the star of the album. Not to say Smith himself isn’t on excellent form here, the man delivers his best vocal performance to date.” Black Wind Metal

“As the World Bleeds” can be pre-ordered through the Ulterium Records Store

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Theocracy – 30 Pieces of Silver

Some highlights from Theocracy’s 2011 European tour:

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