The Thomas Thompson Earth Project Announce debut CD (featuring Members of Bride, Perpetual Paranoia, Hand of Fire) Releases Lyric Video for New Single ‘Down The Devils Throat’


The Thomas Thompson Earth Project have released a second single ‘Down The Devils Throat’ the song appears on the upcoming

The Thomas Thompson Earth Project is a combination of Garret Thomas, Dale Thompson (Bride, The World Will Burn, No Other God, Perceptual Paranoia) and Tiago James de Souza (Perpetual Paranoia. Hand of Fire and Godman)

At age 12 Garret started to learn to play the guitar then when he turned 14 he played bass in his brothers band called Fatal Delay they opened up for bands such as P.O.D Living Sacrifice DC Talk Crimson Thorn and many others. Not long afterwards Garret taught himself how to play drums. After he learned how to play keyboards Synth then he began to produce and mix his own music.

Dale is best known for his work in Bride and in his early career toured the world as frontman and main lyric writer. His career has spanned 4 decades.

Tiago from Brazil became a virtuosso on the guitar and moved to the United States where he jumped right into writing and recording with various bands.

The original idea sprung from Garret sending some music to Dale who added melodies and lyrics. From there the two teamed up and began writing for a full blown album. Dale was already working with guitarist Tiago from Perpetual Paranoia. The three of them combined their efforts on this extraordinary side project to create a very experimental rock album. The song writing took many creative twists and became heavier than the original techno rock sound from where it was originally birthed.

The album quickly was titled “Dreamland Lovecraft” after the imaginative imagery and haunting themes. The Christian based lyrics are forthright and up front sharing gospel themes along with social and personal stories intermingled into one huge abstract picture. However in the forefront of this collage of poetry and audio menagerie is the theme of Jesus and His power to save.

Lift Him Up
Beyond The Means of the Machine
Down The Devil’s Throat
Oh My Soul
Roll with the punches
There will be blood
Soul Killers
Live To fight Another Day
Long Dark Winter
Music is my supervisor
Eternity and Mercy
All that we’ll forget

Release Date February 29th through Roxx Records, secure your copy up to release date at the special pre order price of $11.99. Retail price of $14.99 will be implemented on February 29th, 2020

This Limited Edition CD is a very limited pressing of only 300 copies housed in a jewel case edition with and a beautiful full color 8 page booklet.

Check out the featured single ‘Roll With The Punches’ above and pick up your CD copy today.

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