‘The Spirit That Guides Us’ – ‘Innocent Blood’ To Be Released On Red Vinyl


Sally Forth Records in conjunction with Blacklight Records will release the latest The Spirit That Guides Us album Innocent Blood on 180 gram red vinyl. A release date is set for March 5.

Innocent Blood is the fifth and latest release from TSTGU, released october 2011 via Sally Forth Records, you can read our review of this album at this location. We also did an interview with Erik van Winkelhoff, you can find it HERE.

This is the second release by independent record label  Blacklight Records, on August 18th. 2011 they have released Slechtvalk – The War That Plagues The Lands on vinyl. This is the second Slechtvalk album [2002].

Blacklight Records was founded in the spring of 2011, with the mission of producing the highest quality vinyl records. We focus on producing limited edition releases on vinyl. Although most people thought that vinyl records would never make a comeback, it is a fact that the real and diehard music lovers still prefer real and true products. Therefore, vinyl records still dominate the collections of many music fans all over the world. And even the younger generation of music lovers that has grown up with bits and bytes, discovered more and more the beauty of vinyl and the feeling it gives when the needle hits the record for the first time.

Listening to music is more than having a sound in the background. Not like the music you hear in big supermarkets and shopping malls. Real music is emotion, it’s happiness, it’s anger, and it reaches into your heart never to come out again. It is a way of life.

With this definition of music in mind, we started Blacklight Records. A back to the roots experience because we focus on music we really love. We don’t only concentrate on one specific style of music, but enjoy the whole spectrum of music and let this guide our choices in what we produce or not.

Are we solely focusing on releasing music on vinyl? We don’t know yet. But we do know that we are already working on some next releases, so keep watching this space!

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