‘The Spirit That Guides Us’ – ‘Innocent Blood’ On RED Vinyl Will Be Released Next Week


It’s now 6 days before the launch of Innocent Blood, the 12 inch vinyl release of the latest album of The Spirit That Guides Us.

Innocent Blood – The fourth full-length studio album by the Spirit That Guides Us will see the light of day on the 5th of march, 2012. This will be a 12 inch vinyl record on 180 gram RED vinyl. Each cover of this release is 100% unique, as the band members have stained each one by hand with [fake] blood. There are only 200 copies available from this vinyl release of Innocent Blood, so please share this news so thats every fan gets his copy.

Innocent Blood is the newest release from TSTGU, released october 2011 via Sally Forth Records, you can read our review of this album at this location. We also did an interview with Erik van Winkelhoff, you can find it HERE.

Side A
Demons & Diamonds
Echoes From The Grave
Third World War
Rip Out Your Heart

Side B
This Is How We Demonstrate
Truth Or Dare
Pride, Erase & Rewind Genocide

 Band members:
Bas van Nienes – vocals
Erik van Winkelhoff – vocals (screams)
Stefan van Maurik – guitars
Jeroen van der Werken – guitars
Wouter Muller – bass
Minco Eggersman – drums

The LP is available here:
There is also a list of store’s how may have it. So find your favorite store.

Or order it here: 

Blacklight Records

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