‘The Lead’ -‘Religion No Rite’ (In Your Face Again) Available For Download


Julio Rey from ’80’s Christian punk band The Lead and death/grind band/project Franks Enemy posted the following message:

See, this is what happens when you have too many sites all over the landscape. I actually had posted this last month at Area 1234 and forgot to link it here. Sorry. Here’s my second demo for the Lead’s upcoming reunion EP. I think the song works out well so far but I’d really like to hear it with Rob on drums as opposed to a generic dance drum loop.

Listen and read the lyrics of the song below.

Religion No Rite (In Your Face Again)

Once upon a time the fall from grace
The Father said get thee from my place
Became the Son, came down, died in your face
Cleared the way back to grace through faith
Spirit-filled martyr’s blood soaked the ground
Buried in rags they stayed down
The kings stepped in put in their claims
Forced their rules upon the game

So once upon a time later today
You sign up for the fire escape
Get rewarded with a clean slate
The Blood is strong it covers your hates
But verse upon verse upon verse upon verse
Aimed at you and not the cursed
Not being deceived and God not mocked
The weight of the cross for you to take up

Religion no rite
Gun you aim for the mind of Christ
Didn’t take long to lose sight
In the halls of the councils high

No fire doesn’t mean that higher
There won’t be a reason to cry, or
That you will not be standing trial
Watching tape of every mile
And so worship and worship to taste
One thing proves if you worship to waste
Windows dressed as you see fit
But the valley before you how do you cross it?

Moral dilemmas: prepare, they’re coming
And there’s no room left for running
No slippery slope temptations
But painted corners, no win situations
Just one chance, happiness at stake
A heart you love you must break
Choices consequences how do you withstand them
And still obey His commandments?

Time to get in your face again

Religion no rite
Gun you aim for the mind of Christ
Didn’t take long to lose sight
In the halls of the councils high.

Download the song here,


Additional info:

The Lead was one of the very first Christian punk bands to emerge from the fledgling Christian underground in the mid-1980’s. Their career spanned the years 1984 through 1991.

The Lead helped pioneer Christian punk music. They were one of the first bands to break the mold of the traditional, Christian music of the early 1980s. Their sound was heavily influenced by the punk rock scene in Southern California. In the 1980s they recorded prolifically, played three Cornerstone Festivals and briefly toured the eastern half of the U.S. three times. Their style of music changed as the years passed, starting from a base of pure punk into hardcore and then finally crossing over into thrash.

The bands they played with, either as openers or headliners, included Suicidal Tendencies, DRI, MDC, Marginal Man, Cynic, Bloodgood, the Crucified, Believer, Whitecross, One Bad Pig, Deliverance, Vengeance Rising, and Crashdog.

Band members:
Julio Rey – vocals, guitar
Robbie Christie – drums, vocals
Nina Llopis – bass, vocals

The Lead,1985
Return Fire, 1986
Automoloch, 1986
The Past Behind, 1987
The Past Behind (new recording), 1988
Burn This Record, 1989
Hardcore For Jesus, 2006

Weblinks: Myspace / Facebook 

Frank’s Enemy started as a one-man project with Julio Rey recording some songs on his 4-track with his drum machine in 1990-1991 (as Julio’s previous band, The Lead, was in its final stages), and putting the results up for sale in newsletters. One thing led to another, and Julio met Marc Golob when looking for a bassist for another project called Global Warning in late 1991. Global Warning was destined for failiure due to inablility to make schedules mesh. Julio asked Marc a) would he be willing to play the material on the demos b) did he know a thrash drummer. The answers were a) Yes b) Yes, Alex A. So Frank’s Enemy started, and had been going strong since 1992.
The ride ended in December 1997 as Julio and Alex played their last show with the band. Julio retired to start a family and Alex left to get married.
Marc intended to continue with the band, along with new drummer Ben Thacker (who filled in for Alex on the January 1997 tour). An attempt at a new lineup in early 1998, with Jed Brewer on keyboards and Sprite on guitar, failed to click after several rehearsals and one gig.
Since then, Frank’s Enemy has reverted to a one-man Julio Rey project, with the 2002 release of the Enraged EP online.

Atrocities, Demo,1992
Frank’s Enemy, Full-length, 1994
Link Line, Video/VHS, 1995
Neoblasphemies, Full-length, 1996
Never Mind Frank’s Enemy Here’s Loogie Soup,Demo, 1996
Illumination, Full-length, 1998
Enraged, EP, 2002

Band members:
Julio Rey – vocals and all instruments

Weblinks: Purevolume / Last.FM

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