‘The Circle Ends’ Confirmed To Play ‘Christmas Rock Night’ December 2014


The Circle EndsAnother new name for the 35th. edition of Christmas Rock Night has been announced: Dutch-Swiss metal band The Circle Ends, a music video for the song ‘Immortal’ was released on December 31. 2013. Check it out below.

Other confirmed bands are RED (U.S), Disciple (U.S.), Wolves At The Gate (U.S.), Children 18:3 (U.S.), Sacrety (D) Safemode (S] Sleeping Romance (IT), The Ongoing Concept (U.S), Manafest (CA) & HB (FI].

Attention! CRN 2014 is NOT in the first weekend of December [as usual], but in the second weekend! Christmas Rock Night 2014 will be held December 12 & 13.  as usual in Ennepetal, Germany.  For more information check out their website

Christmas Rock Night is a Christian music festival held annually during December in Ennepetal, Germany. The festival does not focus on particular styles of Christian music, but leans toward harder forms including metal and alternative. Founded in 1980, the first festival drew only three bands. Since then it has expanded to a two-three day event which regularly draws international artists such as POD, Disciple, Saviour Machine, Petra, Bride, and Split Level.The two day winter-festival Christmas Rock Night in Ennepetal [Germany] has been very well known for many years in Europe, due to the unprecedented strong rock/metal-programming. A rising number of Dutchmen find their way to the festival. Ennepetal is located in the Ruhrgebied, two hours from Utrecht and about one hour of the border and so it is good to reach with the car.

Pictures of CRN 2013 can be viewed here Friday / Saturday.


The Circle Ends has a knack for essence. Why get out of bed if you don’t know what your primary incentives are? Steff, lead singer, and TimQ, guitarist, aim for the one thing complex matter evolves around. Stripping their metal sound to power packed acoustics, like they did a few years ago, they discovered that very thing that sets a series of chords and riffs on fire. “It suddenly dawned on us”, TimQ tells, “If we keep doing that, everything else will follow.” History proves them right. Their former nu-metal act, NeverTheLess, gained momentum by getting into the last round of a 2007 Dutch band battle. At that decisive point, one of the band members wasn’t able to attend the finale. Steff and TimQ had to improvise, taming their firm rock sound down to bare acoustics. On that night, they accidentally found their musical essence. The Circle Ends came into being. Since then, they avoided the label ‘metal’ and its connotations. “Call it ‘too loud for rock’”, TimQ advises. “Take Korn and Project 86. And then add some U2 and Johnny Cash.” However, it’s not just about their rock-solid songs. Lyrically, the band takes on themes like extreme poverty to child and drug abuse. Steff’s stories tip on heavy-hitting subjects, but never abandon hope. Steff’s poetic lyrics strive to be more than words. Why sing about hope for the lost and poor without actually getting to them? The Circle Ends partners with organisations like World Vision and the Dutch NGO Reck, helping them to get their message of hope across.

The last two years, the band toured Holland, as well as Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Slovakia. Their selftitled EP [which has been released Feb. 2011] captures this longing for meaning. And beware: it’s not just their solid acoustics that you’ll hear. Every one of the 4 songs feature James “J.J.” Jenkins, former bass player of the popular metal band East West. The band even teamed up with producer Jeff Pitzer, who worked together with Backstreet Boys, Oleta Adams and Faith Evans and more. The result: rock that is both powerful and thought provoking. With at its very core, a message that is both bold and hopeful.

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Video below for ‘Immortal’

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