‘The Charm The Fury’ Album Release Date Postponed


The new and upcoming female fronted metalcore band The Charm The Fury [from Amsterdam, NL] has posted the following update due to the release of their upcoming EP The Social Meltdown:

Dear friends! We have some bad news.. Due to technical problems with the delivery of our EP, we are forced to postpone the release date of The Social Meltdown to May 28th. We are extremely sorry for this delay, but don’t worry: because we are gonna make it up to you THIS WEEK. Great news/presents for you all coming up! 

Earlier this month The Charm The Fury supported Swedisch screamo band Intohimo in Belgium and Holland on their European tour.  Have you seen the interview last month with The Charm The Fury? If you missed it, check it out here.

“Unique, edgy but charming. The Charm the Fury from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, has brilliantly managed to stand out from the crowd. The band, formed in September 2010, has a unique take on metalcore and is not only known for its harmonious but chaotic tracks, but also because of female screamer Caroline.

Inspired by bands such as Underoath, For Today, Architects and Every Time I Die, The Charm the Fury brings a new dimension to the genre. With a strong focus on quality, dynamics and loudness, the stubborn TCTF twist cannot be missed.”

Band members:
Caroline: Vocals
Math: Guitar
Rolf: Guitar
Lucas: Bass
Mathijs: Drums

Track listing:
1. Family Values
2. Bridges
3. Virtue Of Leadership
4. Dirty South
5. The Social Meltdown

Upcoming Shows:
April 27 @ Supermarkt, The Hague, Netherlands
April 28 @ Groezrock, Meerhout, Belgium
May 8 @ Dynamo, Eindhoven, Netherlands
June 21 @ Het Kasteel, Alphen aan de Rijn, Netherlands
Aug. 25 @ Heat Of The Mosh, The Hague, Netherlands

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