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momentum_1e3This is Texas Local News, a metalcore-pop band from Frankfurt, Germany. TLN is female- and male-fronted and was founded in 2011. They made their first appearance with the EP ‘We Are Pandora’ in autumn 2012 and after that they played a number of festivals throughout Germany. TLN have been able to gain a devoted fanbase with over 150 shows in their home country and abroad.

The next step is the production of their first longplayer ‘Momentum’. The album was produced in cooperation with Daniel Haniß (ESKIMO CALLBOY) and Simon Yildirim (TO THE RATS AND WOLVES). TLN have created what they call themselves metalcore-pop.

As they state themselves: “TEXAS LOCAL NEWS once again rely on their trademarks: polyphonic vocals collide with powerful screams, melancholic lyrics with tremendous, melodic choirs.”

Well, let’s see if we agree…

We don’t have to wait long for the screaming to start, it is right from the beginning that Texas Local News is bursting through the speakers (Or headphones in my case) with the first song ‘Clear Lines’. The first thought that comes to mind is that this is another metalcore band among so many. But before you know it the ‘whoohoo’s’ also burst through the speakers and you get that instant poppy feeling. Now it is clear where they get the term metalcore-pop from. Especially when the clean vocals are sung by Carla. Who says that women and metalcore don’t match needs to wake up and get away under that stone where you have been living too long now. This all is repeated in the next song ‘Refuge’, where at the middle of the song is a more calm part that is building up again to the catchy clean melodies.

The funny thing is that in the average metalcore-band we have a lot of screaming only seldom interspersed with clean vocals. TLN has a total different approach, the clean vocals are a major part of the album. It differs with every song and that is keeping things interesting.

When we reach the song ‘Borders’ they are really crossing borders, the beginning of the song is pure hardcore gradually blending into a more poppy-song and then they surprise you by switching back to hardcore and back again.

Disclosure’ is the song where they also shot a video for. It has all the aforementioned elements in it. Did I even hear a short breakdown?

I also have to mention the song ‘Whisper The Words’. Nice up-tempo from the start and with a chorus that is so catchy that you just can’t get it out of your head. The riffs are more rock-oriented with a dash of hardcore. And again a clean part in the middle of the song.

Caught In Dreams’, what to say about it? Well, the same as for ‘Whisper The Words’, the only difference is that the chorus is less catchy. ‘Gravity’ begins clean and gives a floating feeling, but gravity pulls you back to earth when the song is slowly building up to a climax. Yep, we are back to poppy metalcore. Somehow this song has a more lingering heavy sound.

Then we reach the last song ‘Silence’, a true ballad so the title is picked wisely. It comes just to one’s personal music taste if you like it or not. Let’s just leave it to that.

What is the conclusion? Is Texas Local News the most original band that I have ever heard? The answer is no, BUT as I have said before and I will probably say it again: In the core-music world everything is almost done already and it is so hard to find new ways to be original. Originality is overrated if you ask me, what I find more important is that it is executed well. And TLN has enough variety to keep it interesting. Maybe it is not for everyone who is into hard/metalcore, but I suggest that you give them a chance. Who knows, maybe they can surprise you the same way as they did for me…. Now that I think of it: TLN is also a band that should be checked out by listeners who are not into hard/metalcore, chances are that you might like it.

Rating: 7.5/10

Written by: René Woning

01. Clear Lines 3:45
02. Refuge 4:10
03. Karma 4:21
04. Borders 4:22
05. Disclosure 4:14
06. Here’s to You 4:06
07. Whisper the Words 4:55
08. Caught in Dreams 4:21
09. Gravity 4:06
10. Silence 3:17

Band members:
Carla Janiel (Vocals)
Timo Giesecke (Vocals/Bass)
Moritz Helmstädter (Guitar)
Uwe Michel (Guitar)
Fabian Dührssen (Drums)

“We Are Pandora” (EP) (2012)
‘Disclosure’ (Single) (2016)
“Momentum” (2016)

Record label: Redfield Digital, May 2016

Weblinks: Facebook / iTunes / Spotify / Instagram

Buy the album here:
Holland: First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

Video for ‘Disclosure’

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