Texas Brutal Death Metal/ Grindcore Band ‘Light Unseen’ to Release Debut Album “Visions Of Archetype and Apocalypse” Next Month


The Debut album “Visions Of Archetype and Apocalypse” from Texas band Light Unseen will be unleashed on the world Friday Dec 14th via Nosral Recordings with Pre Orders available on Friday November 23rd.

With Christian “Shun” Marthiljohni formerly of Dimished and The Monk on Vocals, Guitar and Bass and Adrian Trevino on Drums, this debut release will destroy any pre-conceived ideas of Christian DeathGrind.

There will be a lyric video for ‘Corpus Christi’ also available on Friday November 23rd.

Deathgrind for the soul. Light Unseen hails from Central Texas in all its negativism and uncertainty to open eyes to the reality of what the heart must find that the eyes cannot (or will not witness). Founded in the summer of 2016 Light Unseen is dedicated to the heaviest, most dynamic of musical climates, both secular and Christian, we hope to knock down all expectations.

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