Testimony of Apocalypse (Feat. Members of Sacrament) Releases Debut Full-Length “None Escape The Judgement”, Releases Video for ‘Unleashed’


The wait is over! The debut full-length from Testimony of Apocalypse is here! Featuring Michael Torone and Paul Graham from the iconic Sacrament, “None Escape The Judgement” recently unleashed 10 tracks of crushing metal that serves as an extension of what you came to know and love about the classic thrashers.

For those not familiar… Testimony of Apocalypse was the debut album and title track from Christian Thrash Metal band, Sacrament. Sacrament is considered by many as pioneers of the genre and the debut album continues on as very important release of the early 1990s. There were five original members – the lineup included Mike Torone on vocals and Paul Graham on drums. Mike and Paul joined up with multi-instrumentalist, Nick Pacitti, and formed a new band titled after the iconic release.

Lineup Includes Paul Graham (Drums), Mike Torone (Vocals) and Nick Pacitti (Guitars, Bass, Keyboards)


  1. Unleashed 02:53
  2. Redemption 05:47
  3. Lamb of God 04:38
  4. Truth vs. Lies 04:53
  5. A Day of Wrath 04:41
  6. Take My Spirit 05:08
  7. Majestad 05:06
  8. Walls 03:50
  9. We All Shall Rise 04:28
  10. Blessed Are the Dead 05:07

Video for ‘Unleashed’

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