Terraphobia – Evilution


When I first listened to this release, I was completely won over by it. I don’t think there is a song on this album that I dislike. This band is a one man outfit, founded by former Mortification member, Mick Jelenic, who does an excellent job of handling all the musical duties. Although I do wish that Jelenic had more skill in creating more impressive song titles (as well as choosing a more striking album cover image), I cannot use that as an evaluation tool against the stellar production of the music.

Terraphobia’s sound reminds me so much of Antestor, and until I heard this album, I was convinced that Antestor was the only (Christian) band that could deliver such tight guitar rhythms coupled with polished black vocals. However, the tracks on this album convince me otherwise. In fact, I do firmly believe that this band could possibly give Antestor a run for their money!

“Evilution” starts off with lonely ambience: Northern winds with lightly falling rain provides a background for weeping guitar strains. Then the assault ensues, with harsh guitar riffs, manic drum patterns, and vocals that range from guttural death growls to raspy screeches. “False Prophet” turns more progressive, with melodic guitar riffs, and death vocals that are slightly more emotional than in the previous track. If Queensryche and Opeth collaborated on a piece of music, it would sound just like this one. Very well done.

“Soldiers of the New Millenium” is another amazing trip into the realm of melodic death metal. It begins with a march-like rhythm, then flies into a brutal sonic excursion filled with dark, crushing riffs. I love how Jelenic easily weaves death grunts with thrash vocals without losing vocal power at the end. Unfortunately, many male vocalists cannot seem to achieve this technique without sounding like they are killing their voices. “Fallen Hero” starts with a short melodic passage followed by fast riffing. The bridge in this piece is just gorgeous and fluid, even slightly sad in several places. The aggression storms through once more, then fades out almost as quickly as it comes. “Hell on Earth” is a heavier version of “Fallen Hero,” complete with doomy riffs and growls that rip through the air. “Golgotha” picks up the pace even more, with drumming that is so furious it leaves your brain cells racing like rats in a maze. As unmelodic as this piece may be, the rhythm is actually quite catchy. The album slows down quite a bit with the “The Unforgotten,” a pained mixture of sorrowful guitar passages and desperate vocals. This track easily gives me a sense of inevitability. In “Doctor Death,” Jelenic definitely perks up to show the world his contempt for mercy killing! He spits out words with rabid ferocity: “The evil deeds of Dr. Death! Not your choice, Dr. Death!!!” The music turns a bit more progressive again with “Meanhouse Effect,” a terrific mix of mesmerizing guitar melodies and punching bass lines. “Stage 6” concludes the album with an aural assault of pounding rhythms and menacing growls.

This is a fantastic album, and while I doubt that it will appeal to many fans of old school death metal, I highly recommend it to fans of technical death metal. I look forward to hearing more from this guy!

Rating: 9/10

Written by Kris Tilbury

The track Listing:
2.False Prophet
3.Soldiers of the New Millennium
4.Fallen Hero
5.Hell on Earth
7.The Unforgotten
8.Doctor Death
9.Meanhouse Effect
10.Phase 6

Record Label: Soundmass, August 2011

Band Line-Up:
Mick Jelinic: All Instruments

Product of Your Mind, Demo [1993]
Natural Born Killer, EP [1996]
An Eye For An Eye, EP [1997]
Enemy Within . Full-length [2001]
Evilution, Full-length [2011]

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Holland & Worldwide: First Paradox Metalrecords

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