Teramaze Releases ‘Navigate In Solitude’ Music Video


Melbourne, Australia-based progressive metal band, Teramaze, will release their new album, “Dalla Volta,” on April 27 via Wells Music and on July 7 in North American through Screaming Crow Records

The band just released a video for the album opener, ‘Navigate In Solitude’. Watch below.

A message states: “Teramaze fans will love the new song, ‘Navigate In Solitude’. This track features the band’s signature heavy guitars, complex rhythms, and emotional vocals. The track not only showcases their impressive musicianship, but songwriting skills, whilst also offering a fresh and exciting sound. It is also one of the first Teramaze songs that all members brought something to the songwriting table. Guest “Scream Vocalist” Erick Wight (from USA) added such a powerful performance to the song. I think all fans, old and new will really love this track.”

The album features not only new songs, but also reimagined versions of some of their classics. Dalla Volta blend together old and new sounds to create something truly unique. You’ll be transported to another dimension with their mind-bending riffs and complex time signatures.

Video for ‘Navigate In Solitude’


Navigate In Solitude
Chaos In The Way
These Crystal Walls
Shadows II (Re-Imagined) (video)
The Heist
Waves (Piano Version)
Broken (Piano Version)
Weight of Humanity (2017 Demo Version)
From Saviour To Assassin (2017 Demo Version)
Fight or Flight (2017 Demo Version)
Are We Soldiers (2017 Demo Version)

PRE ORDER – “DALLA VOLTA” Here www.teramaze.com.au/shop
and https://teramaze.bandcamp.com/album/

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