‘Symphony Of Heaven’ and ‘Ascending King’ Jointly Releases Digital Track ‘Drink From The Chalice Of Blood’ (Horde Cover)


Nosral Recordings acts Symphony of Heaven and Ascending King have joined forces to record ‘Drink From The Chalice Of Blood’ which is a cover from Horde (taken from “Hellig Usvart” 1994).

The digital track is available as free download (name your price) on bandcamp.

Ascending King is the brainchild of Aaron Kirby, known as Ruah. The band started in 2015, releasing a single under a short stint at SkyBurnsBlack Records, before ultimately signing with Nosral Recordings in 2017 as the label’s first band. Ruah was previously the vocalist for Dryline, a metalcore band off Zero Sum Recordings, beginning in 1999 until they disbanded in 2008.

The doom metal project released its debut EP, “Funeral of a Species” in August 2017 through Nosral Recordings (A new lo-fi Christian black metal label founded by Michael John Larson (aka Sebat), guitarist of Frost Like Ashes).

Our review of “Funeral of a Species” can be found here.

Symphony Of Heaven is a one man solo project of Logan Thompson from owensville IN, signed to Nosral Recordings. Not happy with only listening to music, he deciding it was time to bring the sound in his head to the people. Crushing, epic, and extreme, Symphony Of Heaven brings the Christian message with a loud shout!

Symphony of Heaven‘s debut album “The season of Death” has been released in Nov. 2017. Check our review here.

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