Symphonic Power Metal Band ‘ReinXeed’ Cancels ‘Rock Alive’ Performance (Statement Available)


Tommy ReinxeedTommy ReinXeed of Swedish melodic / power metal band ReinXeed has just reported the following:

“I come with bad news I’m afraid… I’ve been working hard for my dream job for many years and today I finally got the news that I will start! I’m very glad about this of course, but it means that I can not attend at your festival since I have to go to America in beginning of september and then also go to Russia so if I want this job it means I have to be there, otherwise I can’t work with this. I’m very sorry about this, I really hope you can find a replacement and I know it’s gonna be a great festival with all these great bands you have booked already!! Again, I’m very sorry but I have to follow my dream… Take care and good luck with everything with the festival! (Tommy ReinXeed)

The organization says on its website: “Given the short time remaining, there is decided to book no replacement.”

This year the festival will be held on Sept. 24th. in venue Atak, Enschede, Netherlands. (Their statement can be found here.)

Other performing bands will be: Leviticus (Classic heavy metal – SE), Safemode (Metalcore – SE), Stun (Noise pop/Alternative – DE), Unseen Faith (Metalcore/Deathcore – DK), Stairway (Hardrock – UK), Dark Sky (Melodic Rock/Metal – DE), Hypersonic (power metal – IT), Roselyn (Chaotic Hardcore  – DK), Nobuts (pop/rock – NL) more tba.

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