Swedish Power Metal Band ‘Persuader’ Announce New Member, Studio Video Posted Online


persuader_2013The Swedish power metal band Persuader just released a studio video from the creation of the fifth Persuader studio album, currently in the pre-production phase. The album is scheduled to be released in 2017 through Inner Wound Recordings.

Persuader also welcomes Fredrik Mannberg [Nocturnal Rites, Guillotine] as the bands new guitar player, to replace Daniel Sundbom that left the band recently.

Emil Norberg of Persuader comments: “Daniel left the band a while ago and we want to thank him for a great decade of metal! It feels great to welcome Fredrik into the band as he fits perfect into the band chemistry and he also did very well on the recent shows where he filled in for Daniel. Welcome Fredrik!”

Persuader was formed in 1997. A good description of their music would be a mixture of Blind Guardian and Iced Earth with somewhat thrashy/raw vocals. They have released four full length albums: “The Hunter” (2000), “Evolution Purgatory” (2004), “When Eden Burns” (2006), “The Fiction Maze” (2014).

The band is comprised of: Jens Carlsson – Vocals, Fredrik Hedström – Bass, Emil Norberg – Guitars, Fredrik Mannberg – Guitars, Efraim Juntunen – Drums

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