‘Submission Red’ Releases new Single, ’24’ [I Want More Of You] Available On iTunes


After the release of their last album, Vision Tour and their signing to Dream Records it has been some time since the group has released new material.  Never fear though because new music is here. Their new single,  24 [I Want More Of You] off their album Untamed Ones is now available.  The group is currently putting the final touches on their music video and are planning a tour around their album’s release.

Yvonne Winfrey, lead singer of Submission Red, tells the meaning behind the band’s radio single 24 [I Want More of You]. “This song is about carrying a fire and intensity in your heart for God no matter what happens to you”, says lead singer and founder, Yvonne Winfrey. “We hope this song brings you that encouragement.” The video can be seen below.

With a theme of freedom from the trappings of this world, Untamed Ones is a collection of diverse, deep pop rock songs. The title track “Untamed Ones” shouts, ‘anthem’ and is a wonderfully passionate song that is driven by the coupling of high energy vocals and memorable guitar riffs. “Freedom Looks Good on Me” and 24 [I Want More of You] may surprise listeners with their pop spirit that shines through deep, well thought-out lyrics. In the form of a powerful radio ballad, “When He Looks Down From Above” emerges triumphantly as a poetic plea for the world to treat each other as a family.

Untamed Ones holds on to all the passion and energy that Submission Red fans have come to love, but adds tasty, catchy guitar performances and unforgettable, sing-a-long lyrics and melodies to the Submission Red sound.

Submission Red has got something to say and thank God people are listening.

If you like bands like Paramore, Skillet, Flyleaf, and Papa Roach you’ll love Submission Red.

Track Listing
01. Untamed Ones
02. Freedom Looks Good on Me
03. When He Looks Down from Above
04. 24 [I Want More of You]
05. Hurting Me Like High School
06. What Is It All For?
07. Happy Birthday Sunshine
08. Glimpse of Light
09. Fight for Me
10. Dirt and Dust
11. Alive


You can purchase 24 and leave a customer review on iTunes today: https://bit.ly/We7bBJ

Band members:
Yvonne Winfrey – Vocals
Ryan Horner – Bass
Robert Foldy – Drums
Stevie Benz – Guitar

Weblinks: Official website / Myspace / Facebook

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