Street Punk Band ‘Living Fire’ Announces Release of New Album “The Flame Still Burns”


Thumper Punk Records is honored to announce the release of “The Flame Still Burns” from Living Fire. Heavy NYHC and metal influences flavor the band’s traditional punk sound, and allow the musicians to display their advanced skills. Through eight songs of passion and glory, Living Fire shines the light of Faith and Hope on the world’s darkest corners.

“The Flame Still Burns” is available for streaming and immediate download at bandcamp.

Living Fire features Luis Carlos (Vocals), Raphael Alcantara (Bass), Michel Oliveira (Drums), and Murillo Xavier (Guitar).


1. Eternal Love 03:21
2. Not For Trade 02:53
3. 07 x 70 x 07 02:42
4. Prophesying 02:58
5. My Refuge 03:21
6. Sem Meias Verdades 04:01
7. Above Everything 02:26
8. Life Instructions 05:04


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