‘Stillwell’ To Release ‘Surrounded By Liars’ On November 21 [Pre Order Now]


Below a sample of the new Stillwell video Trepidation off their upcoming EP Surrounded By Liars.  The release date is November 21st.

Stillwell— the new band featuring Korn bassist Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu on guitar and on drums Wuv from P.O.D.  StillWell formed in early 2006, quickly entering the studio, and putting out their first single, “Killing Myself to Live” in October 2007. Since then, the band has been off-and-on recording their first album, although Fieldy’s involvement in Korn is thought to play a factor in the long recording process. Their debut album Dirtbag was released on may 2011.

Going back into time to move forward, Fieldy, Q, Wuv and Spider have decided to release an EP containing 6 original versions of songs that appeared on their debut album “Dirtbag”. The 6 songs are, “Trepidation”, “I Can’t Be Stopped”, “Cyclone”, “Hate To Say I Told You So (Magnetic Daze)” and “Surrounded By Liars” along with the very 1st Stillwell song ever recorded “Killing Myself To Live”.
Here’s your chance to own a copy of Stillwell history and to hear these songs in their original “Street Metal” style..

The CD comes with an amazing looking stainless Steel (316L) Stillwell charm  of your choice of either the “Cross & Skulls” or the “Guitar Pick”  with a stainless steel lobster claw and black 3mm leather cord necklace, designed by Jewelry My Tattoo. *** Stainless Steel 316L is the highest grade of hypoallergenic material

Pre Order your copy here.


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