‘Steve Rowe’: “Join The ‘Infiltration Squad’ And Receive A Free Copy Of ‘Scribe Of The Pentateuch'”


Hello and welcome to The Mission’s Metal Of May to all of our supporters and friends! Here at Rowe Productions God is doing some great things in and through our Mighty Metal Mission! Scribe Of The Pentateuch is being well received and reviewed and, as a consequence, is selling very well!

Please remember that if you join the Infiltration Squad in the next 2 months you will receive a FREE copy of Mortification‘s Scribe Of The Pentateuch along with all the goodies already in the Infiltration Squad Pak! Simply hit the Infiltration Squad button at the top of the here.

If you are reading this on our website or visit us online if you have received this Update via email. Scroll down and read all about the Infiltration Squad and the Goodies that come with Membership already! Down the bottom of that page you will find the section that leads you to PayPal as you come and join us in Jesus Metal Mission here! Plus imagine all those Goodies PLUS A FREE copy of Mortification.

The Best Christian Death Metal Band In The World Antidemon are well into the process of Recording their 4th Album entitled Apocalypse Now for us and Jesus here at Rowe Productions as you read! They are working with Legendary Brazilian Metal Producer Luiz Ricardo Ciero at Da Tribo Studio’s in Sao Paulo! Expect a mid year release of this Brutal New Death Metal, Ear Invading, Heart Changing, satan Slaughtering, Soul Challenging, Anthems Of The New Era Of Jesus Metal Onslaught in the coming 10 weeks! We are excited here at Rowe Productions to be helping arm AntiDemon with the weapons of this new CD as they fight the Holy War against all the evil and the fake!! Visit the Rowe website to see the new AntiDemon Album Cover and a Photo of Vocalist/Bassist Batista!

AntiDemon will be extensively Touring in Central, Latin, South America and Europe in support of True Jesus Metal Mission and their new CD Apocalypse Now! AntiDemon Tour constantly and lead many to Faith In Jesus, sometimes in countries and places where no other Metal Band has ever performed before! Do not miss their incredible Live Show if they are performing anywhere within 1000 miles of your place of dwelling! AntiDemon are well worth your support!

Talking of Concerts, we (Mortification) will be performing our Scribe Of The Pentateuch Album Launch at The 2 Headed Monster Fest 1 here in Melbourne June 29th along with Aussie Metal Legends Pegazus! I hope to see MANY of you there on the night! We will have many giveaways and surprises! Again. We are adding to our Set more and more songs from over the Years. On the night we will be On Stage for 90 Minutes and will be pounding your Hungry Ears, Hearts and Brains with many Brutal Classics from over the past 22 Years! Consistency, Diversity and Always Striving Forth is what The Mortification Machine has always done and will always continue to do for many years to come! My plan is to make The 2 Headed Monster Fest an Annual Mortification Event here where we perform with either another Bigger Australian Band or HOPEFULLY in future years a Bigger International Band! All I can do at this stage is keep believing and working within the per

Blessings To All!

Steve Rowe.

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