South Florida Prog Rock Songwriter ‘Barry Weinberg’ Releases New Single ‘Come Out and Play’


As previously announced, South Florida-based musician Barry Weinberg is set to launches his debut album “Samsarana” in January 2018, a release which takes on an expanded sound that seeks to “blow up” musician’s personal experiences. After the debut single ‘Beyond the Astral Sky,’ Weinberg recently dropped a new single, for the song ‘Come Out and Play.’

Commented Weinberg: “The idea of ‘Come Out and Play’ came to me when I was driving by myself 14 hours from the mountains of Western North Carolina to South Florida. My mind was wondering and I started reminiscing back to when I was starting high school. At that time, like most pubescent male teens, all I could think about was music and girls. I’m driving and all of a sudden the main guitar riff popped into my head and I started singing to it. I wrote the lyrics down as I sang and ‘Come Out and Play’ was born. The lyrics are basically about a teenage kid wanting to say and do all the right things to ask a girl out… and it coming out all wrong?”

He continues: “One of the main themes of “Samsarana” is the polarity/duality of life’s experiences. ‘Come Out and Play’ is a fun, upbeat song about teenage crushes. The song that follows on the album is called ‘A Passage of Time’ and is a love song I wrote to my wife at our engagement. It expresses the true eternal heart connection we experience when we fall in love with somebody… in contrast to the teenage angst we feel as a kid.”

Described as a fun upbeat neo-Punk song about teenage angst and high school crushes, ‘Come Out and Play’ rides on defiant guitars and a relentless rhythm. The tune is available for streaming in the soundcloud-player below.

“Samsarana” Track Listing:

1. Conception (instrumental)
2. Creation
3. Welcome to My World
4. This Vicious Circle
5. Come Out and Play
6. Beyond the Astral Sky
7. Taking It All
8. Endless Sea
9. A Passage of Time
10. Perception (instrumental)
11. You Cannot Burn the Fire
12. Come My Way
13. The Way
14. Inception (instrumental)
15. Reception

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