Solid State Records 2016 Summer Sampler, Available for Free Download


unnamed_80bSolid State Records stoked to introduce the FREE Solid State Records 2016 Sampler. We’re giving away five free songs from a bunch of our incredible bands, including Fit For A King, Norma Jean, Silent Planet, The Ongoing Concept, and Forevermore. Snag them by clicking the link below.

1. ‘Inherit the Earth’ – Silent Planet (Everything Was Sound)
2. ‘Pissed Off’ – Fit For A King (Deathgrip)
3. ‘Overlord’ – Forevermore (Integral)
4. ‘1,000,000 Watts’ – Norma Jean (Polar Similar)
5. ‘Unwanted’ – The Ongoing Concept (Handmade)



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