Sleeping Romance Releases Video for ‘Ghost Shadows’


Sleeping Romance are back! The Mediterranean quintet surprise us with their third studio album, which marks a deep evolution in the sound and the personality of Sleeping Romance. Their sizzling new longplayer “We All Are Shadows” will be released on 07th October 2022 via NoCut Entertainment.

“Anxiety will bind my thoughts, anxiety will bind my words”.
“Ghost Shadows” explores the harsh topic of mental health and the effect it has on our will to live. It’s a dark creature that follows us everywhere, creeping up on us without a warning.
We wanted to face the camera for this music video, to shows how we all struggle together, never giving up. The lyrics are brutally honest, the images are us, looking at you and telling you we feel what you feel.
Ladies and gentlemen, “Ghost Shadows” is now out everywhere! Share, comment your thoughts or anxieties, help us spread the word: We All Are Shadows!

The video can be watched below.

The band lead by Federico Truzzi, displays, as we are used to, true mastery by fusing blood-curling classical sounds with monstrous melodic death metal riffs and more progressive sounds. Full of force, heavier than ever and yet sustained by noble theatrical flamboyance. With the powerwoman Lina Victoria taking over the lead voice, Sleeping Romance take us into a new chapter of the band’s history with “We All Are Shadows”, submerging us into the deepest shades of the human nature.

Musically speaking, Sleeping Romance have also ignited a bonfire. Catchy, poppy songs, dark melodies that invite you to reflect, headbanging numbers and chilling instrumentals that make one forget everything for a moment. Influences ranging from classical music to dark sounds reminding of Katatonia or more progressive Leprous to modern metal like Architects or Bring Me The Horizon make Sleeping Romance‘s sound modern and unique. The band do not follow trends and just play their own way, spicing up this colourful mixture with a touch of their original symphonic essence. That is so outstanding and great they are themselves likely to become trendsetters in the metal scene. Definitely a must for friends of Evanescence, Within Temptation, Lacuna Coil or Spiritbox.

Do you remember that one dream you had as a child? We all spend our lives working towards something and looking forward to the day when our dream comes true. This is exactly the feeling Sleeping Romance portrays in ‘Smoke and Mirrors’. In between the heavy riffs and drums, you can hear the delicate strings and vocals highlighting the contrast between what you see and what lies beneath the surface. Cloaking it all in a grandiose Arabic psalmody as a special highlight.

Recall the feeling you have every time you feel anxious. Can you not? The song ‘Ghost Shadows’ helps you to. The lyrics of this song describes the different phases many people go through when they are depressed or anxious. Authentic and mercilessly honest, the song speaks of the effects that constant anxiety may have on the human Psyche.


  1. Of Shadows and Men
  2. Smoke and Mirrors (music video)
  3. Call My Name (music video)
  4. Ghost Shadows
  5. Stuck In Your Head
  6. My Own Foe
  7. Resemblance Of Light
  8. Haven
  9. We All Are Shadows
  10. Bridge Of Minds (lyric video)

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Video for ‘Ghost Shadows’

Current Line-Up:

Federico Truzzi – Guitars, Synths, Piano&Production
Lina Victoria – Vocals
Marco Cilloni – Bass 
Francesco Zanarelli – Drums
Mattia Todescato – Guitars

Upcoming Shows:
Nov. 5 2022 – Brainstorm Festival, Apeldoorn, Netherlands

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