‘Slechtvalk’ To Play ‘Blast Of Eternity’ With New Bassplayer


Dutch based Black/Viking metal band Slechtvalk issued the following update:

During our show at Blast of Eternity 2011, our new bass-guitarist Dagor will make his first live-appearance with Slechtvalk. It will also be the last show Ohtar will be playing before he leaves for Spain next year. Ohtar will remain a member of the band and participate in the songwriting for an upcoming album.

Currently they are signed to Whirlwind Records, the group has released four albums, a split-CD with Kekal, a single and a DVD. The second album, The War That Plagues the Lands, reached #2 at Lowland’s Top 50 Metal Charts, and was name one of HM Magazine’s “100 Best Christian metal albums of all time.” The third album, At the Dawn of War, coincided with the release of a live-DVD, Upon the Fields of Battle, and a maxisingle for Thunder of War. In 2009 a compilation album An Era of Bloodshed. The band’s fourth album A Forlorn Throne was released on July 16, 2010. [CD review]. Summer 2011 Blacklight Records released The War That Plagues The Lands on vinyl [For more information]

Upcoming shows:
11/11/2011 Blast Of Eternity, Heilbronn / Germany
07/01/2012 Wolfstijd, Vlaardingen / The Netherlands

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