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War Of Ages 2013The Hell On Earth Tour is back and like always we have zinger bands on board! Boston’s metal outfit Unearth is headlining the tour and will bring the clubs to a boil with their heavy sound! Their colleagues in Shadows Fall are also on board. They will be supported by The Acacia Strain and War Of Ages. But that’s not all! You can look forward to one more band per show.

From August , 29th up to September, 14th the Hell On Earth Tour will cross Europe! Be a part of one of the 17 shows when this tour will bring the hell on earth to your clubs!  Dates & locations are listed below.

War Of Ages commented: ‘So who is going to come see #warofages , #unearth, #shadowsfall , #theacaciastrain and #paynorespect at the Razer: Hell on Earth Tour this August & September?? It’s been too long since we’ve seen our friends in Europe, can’t wait to be back!’

War of Ages’ convictions are as deeply rooted in strength through spirit as their music is based in intensely heavy but melodic and catchy metal and hardcore. “Without pain, there could be no compassion.  And without hurt, how would we learn to heal?” asks singer Leroy Hamp, his empathy with the hurting youth of the world clear.  “These are the moments when men and women rise up and warriors are born.”  Hamp and his brother, drummer Alex, certainly know about rising from pain. In their life experience, they have dealt with kidnapping, abuse both physical and mental, and the violence that surrounded their criminal father and his backward beliefs.  Through their faith in Jesus Christ as redeemer and savior, the brothers soldiered on and have forged a life of their own choosing.

War Of Ages is as much ministry as heavy music and that spirit shines through their songs.  Main songwriter Steve Brown lends his well-known classic metal and New Wave Of Swedish Death Metal-inspired chops, which first came to light on the band’s prior Facedown releases Pride of the Wicked and Fire from the Tomb.

With the kind of mastery that can only be born from fervent passion, Brown weaves melody with might, building a sound framework for Leroy’s inspired and crucial storytelling.  Only years of collaboration and a thick friendship could produce the command and virtuosity held by War of Ages.

The band’s most recent album “Return to Life” has been released on April 24 2012 via Facedown Records. “Return To Life” was recorded with Zeuss at Planet Z Studios [Shadows Fall, Chimaira, Hatebreed], and is the band’s finest accomplishment to date. Return To Life features some of War of Ages‘ most personal material, and continues with their unique brand of Warrior Metal for which the band has become infamous.

To read our review for “Return to Life” click here.

WOA drummer Alex Hamp revealed in an interview with RadioU that their recording a new album. The new album is set to be released late 2014. Alex did not reveal details about the album.


 Tour Dates:
29.08. Frankfurt Oder – Beachrock Helenesee (Germany)
30.08. Münster – Sputnikhalle (Germany)
31.08. Rotterdam – De Baroeg (The Netherlands)
01.09. Köln – Underground (Germany)
02.09. Bridgend – Hobos (Great Britain)
03.09. Derby – Hairy Dog (Great Britain)
04.09. London – Underworld (Great Britain)
05.09. Liege/Fonck – 6k Fest (Belgium)
06.09. Obererbach – Pell Mell Festival (Germany)
07.09. Paris – Trabeno (France)
08.09. Winterthur – Salzhaus (Switzerland)
09.09. Ingolstadt – Eventhalle Westpark (Germany)
10.09. Prague – Futurum (Czech Republic)
11.09. Graz – Explosiv (Austria)
12.09. Brixen – Club Max (Italy)
13.09. Linz – Posthof (Austria)
14.09. Aschaffenburg – Colos-Saal (Germany)

For more information on the festival: Website / Facebook

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Video for “Silent Night”:

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