Apr 142023

Roxx Records is always searching for those long lost gems of Christian hard rock and metal and this time we found one you have never heard before. These two albums were recorded by an artist you are familiar with but these songs from both projects have never been officially released in ANY format, until now.

So get ready as we proudly present you with not one, but two, brand new previously unreleased albums by Soldiers Of Light.

Soldiers Of Light features, and is the brainchild of, Shane Freeman who you may recall fronted the band Stutz in the late 70’s to early 80’s as well as fronting two much loved albums from Michael that we released over the past few years, “The Battle Rages On’”and “II”.

We are very excited to bring you BOTH of these full length projects on Limited Edition CD. “Defenders” and “Where Are You Going?” will both be released on May 12th and limited to only 300 copies of each of these very special and limited releases. Get in early for a very special pre order price you wont want to miss out on!

1. You and Me 2. When You Cry 3. Now I Know 4. Deceived 5. My Heart’s Flyin’ 6. War 7.Tattooed For Death 8. You’re The One 9. You Need Love 10. Together We Will Ride 

1. Where’s The Trust 2. Shake My Heart 3. It’s Your Life 4. Love Is The Key 5. Give It All For You 6. Madness 7. Baby I’m Gonna Love You 8. Follow Me 9. Jesus Is Truth 10. Hangin’ 11. This Is Now 12. Defenders

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