Silent Saga’s Debut Full-Length Album “Rise!” Available Now


Sabrina Todt front-woman of Symphonic Metal Band Silent Saga checked in with the following:

Today is the day! Our first full length physical album was officially released! It’s already available on the Silent Saga Store! In a few days it will also be available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and Spotify!

It features 10 songs (from the previews EPs) and a gorgeous booklet with all the lyrics, credits and technical info. And once again I want to thank you for all your support! You rock!

PS: Here’s a top secret info about this CD: there are just 450 copies available, and we really don’t know yet if we’re gonna do more in the future, so, if you really like our work and haven’t gotten your copy yet, hurry up! 😉

Track listing:
1. Ball of Vanities 04:31
2. Three Lives 05:21
3. The Path 06:03
4. Suicide Note 04:48
5. Prisoner of the Sea 04:37
6. Sins 04:08
7. Immortal 03:58
8. Time 05:17
9. New Horizons 05:46
10. Bittersweet 04:00

The band comes from Hamburg, Germany, where Sabrina Todt (vocals and flute) and Renato Angelo (bass, keyboards and guitars) have been living since 2014 after moving from Brazil, where they shared stages with some of the biggest bands in the genre such as Epica and Nightwish, with the Brazilian Metal Act Amazon.

in the end of 2016 they joined forces with Alex Mancini (guitar), giving birth to a new band: Silent Saga. Finally, the experienced drummer Daniel Sapcu completed the new European line-up a few weeks later.

The band’s debut material, produced by Sander Gommans (After Forever/HDK/Phantom Elite), Ivo Van Dijk (Xystus, Karmaflow) and Amanda Somerville (Avantasia, Kiske/Somerville) consists of 10 tracks and has been released last year in a format of 3 EPs.

Last month we did an interview with Silent Saga, check it out here.

The band consists of: Renato Angelo – keyboards, bass, guitar, Sabrina Todt – vocals, flute, Alex Mancini – guitar, Daniel Sapcu – drums.

Upcoming Shows:
April 6th 2018 – Grüner Jäger,Hamburg, Germany

Weblinks: Facebook / Twitter Website / Instagram

Video for ‘Ball of Vanities’

Video for ‘The Path’

Video for ‘Immortal’



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