‘Silent Saga’ Frontwoman ‘Sabrina Todt’ Reveals the Story Behind ‘The Path’


Silent Saga frontwoman Sabrina Todt checked in with the following:

By this time I guess you’ve already listened to our new single The Path, right? I’m also guessing that you’ve read the lyrics, and might me wondering, what the heck these people were thinking when they wrote that? What inspired them? So, today I’ll tell you just that! I’ll reveal what’s behind The Path

The main idea was to tell a story of a man in a situation where the boundaries between right and wrong are not so clear. To do so I put the main character at war, it couldn’t be more difficult, right?!! So he has to survive but at the same time, he has to be as fair as possible. If you think a little bit that’s why we have some war regulations. So the question is: Are his actions a survival issue or a war crime? Do these regulations really control everything in this scenario? We hope so… right?! Well, the main character isn’t sure what to do, I suppose most people who go to war don’t have the time to learn all laws of men that define where the line between right and wrong are, and that such laws probably are not able to cover all cases a soldier faces in the field. That’s why he turned himself to the most ancient resource of all: faith.

Going beyond the genre’s current music, Silent Saga combines Heavy and Thrash Metal guts with intense vocal melodies.

The lyrics make stand out as well, addressing the listener directly, bringing to discussion current themes and challenges that we all face these days.

The band comes from Hamburg, Germany, where Sabrina Todt (vocals and flute) and Renato Angelo (bass, keyboards and guitars) have been living since 2014 after moving from Brazil, where they shared stages with some of the biggest bands in the genre such as Epica and Nightwish, with the Brazilian Metal Act Amazon.

in the end of 2016 they joined forces with Alex Mancini (guitar), giving birth to a new band: Silent Saga. Finally, the experienced drummer Daniel Sapcu completed the new European line-up a few weeks later.

The band’s debut material, produced by Sander Gommans (After Forever/HDK/Phantom Elite), Ivo Van Dijk (Xystus, Karmaflow) and Amanda Somerville (Avantasia, Kiske/Somerville) consists of 10 tracks and will be released in a format of 3 EPs.

“Immortal” is their second EP, released in July, produced by Sander Gommans (After Forever, Trillium, HDK) and Amanda Somerville (Avantasia, Trillium, Kiske/Somerville).

The band consists of: Renato Angelo – keyboards, bass, guitar, Sabrina Todt – vocals, flute, Alex Mancini – guitar, Daniel Sapcu – drums.

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