‘Shadowside’ – ‘Inner Monster Out’ Still Climbing US Charts


Brazil’s Shadowside have checked in with the following update:

“We are #9 in the USA Metal/Hard Rock radio charts this week! On the Top 10 for the second week in a row, Top 15 for four weeks now! Thank you everyone who made it possible, to the radio stations who have been playing Shadowside and to the fans requesting the Inner Monster Out songs!” 

Bravewords.com scribe Carl Begai recently caught up with Shadowside vocalist Dani Nolden to discuss the band’s new album, Inner Monster Out. In the excerpt below Dani discusses the overall reaction to the new record: 

“I think fan reaction to Inner Monster Out in comparision to (previous album) Dare to Dream is pretty much the same as our own reaction. I still like Dare To Dream a lot, don’t get me wrong, but none of us in the band felt that we got where we wanted to get with Dare To Dream. Inner Monster Out, on the other hand, was exactly what we were chasing since the beginning of this band. Fans agree with us that this is definitely our best material up to date but I don’t know if it has a little bit to do with the fact that we are extremely happy with it as well. I think it shows when you play and sing something you really love, people can tell it’s a very spontaneous album.”

“I always say that the secret for success is getting new fans without pissing off the old ones (laughs). But our old fanbase is really into Inner Monster Out and lots of people seem to be getting interested in Shadowside at the same time. Some of these people had never heard of us before but some didn’t like or didn’t care about us, but now they like what they hear and that to me says we are on the right track. I’m excited to see where this album will take us.”

Go to this location for the complete interview. 

01. Gag Order
02. Angel with Horns
03. Habitchual
04. In the Name of Love
05. Inner Monster Out
06. I’m Your Mind
07. My Disrupted Reality
08. A Smile Upon Death
09. Whatever Our Fortune
10. A.D.D.
11. Waste of Life
12. Ace of Spades (bonus track)

Shadowside line-up:
Dani Nolden – Vocals
Raphael Mattos – Guitars
Rocardo Piccoli – Bass
Fabio Buitvidas – Drums

Upcoming Shows:
Jul 13 Teatro Guarany, Santos, Brazil
Jul 14 Araraquara Rock, Araraquara, Brazil Free
Jul 15 6th Stone Metal Fest, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Jul 20 Jack Music Pub, Bauru, Brazil
Jul 21 Carioca Club, São Paulo, Brazil
Aug 11 Pinhal Rock Music Festival, Espirito Santo Do Pinhal, Brazil

Weblinks: Website / Facebook 

Shadowside recently released the title-track off Inner Monster Out. Check it out below:

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