Secret Rule – “The Key to the World”


Formed in early 2014, hailing from Rome Italy, this melodic power metal band fore fronted by Angela Di Vincenzo (Kyla Moyl) took stance to create powerful rhythms with catchy melodies, and are out with their third studio album “The Key to the World” releasing on the 10th Of November under the record label Pride and Joy music.

The band is masterminded by lead guitarist Andy Menario (Martiria) who is known for collaborative work with Vinny Appice (of the Black Sabbath, Dio fame), Jeff Pilson (of the Dokken, Foreigner fame), and Carlos Cavazo (of Quiet Riot fame). Bassist Michele Raspanti (Graal) and drummer Nicola Corrente (Enemynside, Stick it out, Starkiller Sound) joined in to complete the bands line-up.

The bands first album Transposed Emotions, was a concept album revolving around our society’s blues in a post-apocalyptic era was released in 2015 under the banner of Rocksector records. While their second album Machination saw some line-up additions including Sander Zoer (ex Delain, Leah) on drums, Henrik Klingenberg (Sonata Arctica) on keyboards and other special guests such as Stefan Helleblad (Within Temptation), Timo Somers (Delain), Fabio D’Amore (Serenity) and Janneke De Rooy (Paper Doll Decay); and was released under the banner of Scarlet Records in 2016.

Without further ado lets jump onto the album, which opens up with a Cinematic song “The Key” giving an eerie yet breezy start to the album and paves way for a heavier “The Song of the Universe”. The song has an upbeat and melodic start, Angela gushes in with her rugged and charismatic voice, Andy flairs up the guitar solo bringing forth a multitude of emotions. The song ends with a beautiful piano outro. “Empty world” promises much melody and heaviness as it takes off, but abruptly swings to a soft melodic vocals which builds up piece by piece bringing the original heaviness back to the track, the guitar solo sweeps you off your feet.

“Are you gone?” has some fine finger picking on the bass, fast guitar licks and Angela showcases brilliant juggling different vocal pitch. “Twin Flames” starts off with a punkish guitar riff and takes up a progressive style eventually, adding crisp guitar chugs, rip roaring vocals and blitzing guitar solo to its arsenal.

“A Reverie” as the name suggest starts off with a haunting electronica with plenty of ambient music layering to form the base for the song, which is trod and ploughed by heavy guitars making it a very versatile song. Every song on this album, be it for songs like “My Realm”, “Lost Child” or “No more” (A ballad on the album), has a surprise and leaves its audience eagerly waiting for more. Angela has an impressive range and doesn’t shy off from showing it.

By now every forthcoming song is given an ambient touch before it explodes off with heavy guitar shreds. Same is with “Imaginary world” which gives us a pretty hypnotic piano interlude and guitar solo; “Trip of Destiny” has some powerful shredding on the guitars. The last two songs on the album “I’m You” and “100 Poets (Calliope)” will sweep you off your feet, for its sheer brilliance and uniqueness. Secret Rule has every intentions of hooking you on with its catchy riffs and innovative music style.

Production : The sound is well balanced, all the instruments get their fair share of spotlight. The low tones are subdued, but then that’s sort of expected of this blitzing record.

Conclusion : There is so much experimentation the band has done with its sound that the end of every song makes you wonder whether or not they’ve exercised all aspects of creative freedom one has in the realms of music. I recommend you buy it!

Rating: 9/10

Written by: Ankit Sood

01. The Key (0:41)
02. The Song of the Universe (5:10)
03. Empty World (4:34)
04. Are You Gone? (3:07)
05. Twin Flames (3:49)
06. A Reverie (4:44)
07. My Realm (4:37)
08. Lost Child (4:09)
09. Imaginary World (4:03)
10. No More (3:02)
11. Trip of Destiny (4:32)
12. I’m You (3:51)
13. 100 Poets (Calliope) (4:19)

Band members:
Angela Di Vincenzo – Vocals
Andy Menario – Guitar and Loop Sequences
Nicola Corrente – Drums
Michele Raspanti – Bass

Secret Rule discography:
“Transposed Emotions” [2015]
“Machination” [2016]
“The Key to the World” [2017]

Record Label: Pride & Joy Music, Nov. 2017

Weblinks: Facebook / Twitter / Website / iTunes

Video for ‘Twin Flames’

Video for ‘Imaginary World’

Video for ‘The song of the Universe’



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