‘Safemode’ Back To South & Central America In Januari 2014, Fundraising Campaign Launched


Safemode_2013Two years have passed since Swedish band Safemode toured South and Central America, together with American bands Sleeping Giant and The Almost. Earlier this week [Nov. 18th] the band released the news about a new tour in January, at the same time Safemode launches a fundraising campaign to cover travel costs.

From being a constant active band with tours in both Europe, and South and Central America, Safemode was put on hold for a year. But this summer, the band could once again be seen on several festivals in Scandinavia. In October, Safemode released the EP “Gold Digger”, which marked a flying start for the band, and gave a ripple effect. Now the band prepares for its second tour in South and Central America.

“This tour is something we have been looking forward to, for a long time”, says Johannes Karlsson, drummer, who also points out that the band constantly received offers on tours during the last two years, but now finally has the opportunity to say yes.

Lead singer Tjet Gustafsson, adds: “We are so grateful for all the friends we’ve got to know in South and Central America, and now we look forward to seeing them again. The fact that the interest in Safemode is so huge there, motivates us even more to go back.“

So far, concerts together with the band Sobre Todo Nombre, are booked in Costa Rica and Colombia. But the band has also got requests from Argentina and Brazil.

“That a tour so far away from home costs money is needless to say,” says Jonatan Samuelsson, guitarist in Safemode and continues. “So we have launched a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to cover up as much of the cost of travel as possible.

“And of course, we want to give our donors something back,” says Juuso Savolainen, lead guitarist.

“You can get your own song. We write and record a personal song based on your life story, signed drumsticks, a digital-ep, a Skype video call or a handwritten lyric by Tjet, and other fun things.” concludes bassist Joel Sörsäter.

Read more about the campaign on indiegogo.com.

Safemode is a 5-piece metalcore band from Uppsala, Sweden. The band started in the spring of 2007, and have had lots of shows in all kinds of venues, including a tour in South and Central America, two European tours. The band won the national music contest Rockkarusellen 2009, with 600 other participating bands, and also Red Bull Bedroom Jam’s Competition in 2011. Debut album “For A Better Tomorrow” was released in 2010, and re-released worldwide in 2011.

Our review for “Gold Digger”can be found here.

Band members:
Tjet Gustafsson – lead vocals
Juuso Savolainen  – lead guitar
Jonatan Samuelsson – guitar, vocals
Joel Sörsäter – bass, vocals
Johannes Karlsson – drums

Weblinks: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Video below Fundraising Promo Video

Video below for ‘I’ll Show You The Exit’

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