‘Rottweiler Records’ Releases Leper vs. Wretched, Available for Free Download


lepper_wretched_1d6Rottweiler Records just released Leper vs. Wretched by Wretched Leper,

Skot from Leper and Wretched of Grave Robber did a thing. . . introducing Wretched Leper!! They covered each other’s songs and are giving them away until Nov. 1st (You can donate if you want to. . . it’ll help pay studio costs a bit! ; ) ) Thanks to Tim Bushong for producing these two tracks and playing bass on them! Go grab these songs now! (link below).

1. Watch What You Say 03:20
2. Dark Angel 06:26

Band line-up:
Skot Shaw – 
Guitar, keys, drum programming, vocals on Dark Angel.
Wretched – Vocals on Watch What You Say
Tim Bushong – Bass
Justin Filizola – Extra synth on Dark Angel


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