Reunited Metal Band ‘Detritus’ Cancels the ‘Alive Festival’ Gig, Statement Available


In Dec. of last year, Mark Broomhead confirmed a reunion concert with Detritus on the Alive Festival (formerly known as Rock Alive) next month May 18th. This would be the first International (and currently only planned) Detritus concert for more than quarter of a century. But today there was sad news from the Detritus camp. especially for for the people who have already bought a ticket for this special comeback show from Detritus. The band checked in the following:

Sadly, due to key logistical terms of our contract with the Alive Festival being unable to be met, we are sorry to say that we will be unable to to make it to this years Alive festival. We are on good terms with the team and wish them well with their endeavours. We understand that people will be disappointed and we are deeply sorry for that. In the interest of remaining professional and respectful we will not be offering further comment and we hope that you will be able to be supportive of both us and Alive in this. The good news is Detritus is back and we are working on something special for you and we will do everything in our power to be back in the Netherlands ASAP and make it up to you.

Peace Detritus

Unfortunately this is not the first cancellation of (Rock) Alive:

2015: Change of name and location from We are the Crowd in Zwolle to Rock Alive in Veenendaal + cancellations from Sacrety, David Benson, Deth Enemy, Despicable Heroes, J’Accuse.
2016: After the presales started sudden relocation from Veenendaal to Enschede + cancellation from Reinxeed.
2017: Rock Alive itself will not take place in Hedon, Zwolle + cancellations from Antidemon, German Pascual, Boarders, S91, Pure Harvest, Inside Mankind.
2018: The festival suddenly moves from Zwolle to Harderwijk: + cancellations from Deliverance, Waiting For Ravens.
2019: Sudden move to Zelhem + cancellation from Detritus

At the time of writing, a statement from the festival is missing.

Detritus was/is a Texan-European thrash metal band that originated in 1989. The band consists of two current and former members of the Thrash Metal band, Seventh Angel and two former members of the Conroe, Texas band Intestinal Pull. The band broke up in October 1993. Vocalist/Bassist Mark Broomhead formed Fire Fly and joined Seventh Angel. Walter “Wally” Wallace relocated to Chugwater, Wyoming to pursue his interest in chili.

Their discography consists of:

“A Taste Reality” (Demo, 1990), “Perpetual Defiance” (Full Length, 1990), White Metal Warriors – Last Ship Home (1991; Split w/ Seventh Angel, Stairway, Lazarus, Maverick)
“Treachery of the Century” (Demo, 1992), “If But for One” (Full Length, 1993), Redneck Soundcheck: Live at Montgomery County Civic Center (1993).

What this means for the future of Detritus, more shows, new album ? … time will tell.

Detritus 2019 is:

L-R Paul Newington Wise, Andy Bright, Mark Broomhead, Michael Bryzak, Andy Neal.

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