Pyramaze – “Melancholy Beast” (re-issue)


Whether fast and heavy or slow and atmospheric, this album is sure to please whether in a  depressive or manic state. Great musicianship and excellent vocals, this album is great with  a cup of joe to prepare yourself for a journey.

It doesn’t take much thinking to figure out what Pyramaze is all about in their first album, a re-issue, ‘Melancholy Beast’. They are all about the journey in this mood enhancing set of 10 songs going just about 5 minutes under an hour. This album originally came out in May of 2004, but the album seems just as relevant now as it did then. This Danish power metal band started in 2001 with Michael Kammeyer as a guitarist looking to start a band. Vision for this bands future couldn’t be clearer since introducing the story driven album to kick things off with a clear understanding of how to write a song already in place when ‘Melancholy Beast’ made its first appearance.

The Album starts off somewhat unexpected considering what the album as a whole has to offer. Just a couple of notes from the guitar for an atmospheric beginning to start with. The album is generally high energy with the exception of when the band goes to lengths to play slower and moodier. I think it balances these two concepts quite well where each song really is a journey for the ears. There is some great storytelling in the lyrics bringing up some almost forgotten folklore stories that make the album somewhat familiar to listen to while also adding a fresh look and new sound to what parents might tell their children at night before bed.

As far as the actual music is concerned, it kind of has a haunting quality to it. This is also emphasized in the singing with melody and harmony creating a truly immersive feel with the background singing to compliment the vibrado filled lead vocalist. Every track does it’s best to really tell a story with the accompaniment of music that is made to fit the mood. It really is difficult to tell from just this album what the band would end up being between a more storytelling band with occasional fast power metal parts or if the band is primarily a power metal band that just like to tell stories. But beyond the chaos of trying to find a permanent singer for this group of musicians, I do know that the vision for this band could not be clearer – they want to make atmospheric power metal that has the ability to really bring you into their world.

Rating  The musicianship is great, the vocals are great, the lyrics are great. Overall, I think this is a  very strong album. Atmosphere is there and they do a good job of it.  9/10

Written by “Old Things Pass Away”

“Melancholy Beast” track listing:
01. Sleepy Hollow
02. Forsaken Kingdom
03. Melancholy Beast
04. The Journey
05. Until We Fade Away
06. Legend
07. Mighty Abyss
08. The Nature Of Triumph
09. Power Of Imagination
10. The Wizard (Bonus Track)

Pyramaze “Melancholy Beast” line-up:
Lance King – Vocals
Michael Kammeyer – Guitars
Morten Gade Sørensen – Drums
Jonah Weingarten – Keyboards
Niels Kvist – Bass

Record Label: Inner Wound Recordings, 2017

Melancholy Beast (2004)
Legend of the Bone Carver (2006)
Immortal (2008)
Disciples of the Sun (2015)
Contingent (2017)

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Buy the album here:
Holland: First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission


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