Punk Rock Band ‘Cast The Dragon’ Join ‘Thumper Punk Records’ (Members of LSUnderground, Leper, the Crucified)


Thumper Punk Records is thrilled to announce that Fortuna, California, based punk band Cast The Dragon have joined the label for the upcoming release of their full length album “Annihilate The Adversary”.

Joshua Lory, bass player of LSUnderground/Lifesavers/Michael Knott has teamed up with Jim Chaffin of The Crucified/the Blamed/Deliverance on drums, and Skot Shaw of Leper on Keys, to create punk rock in the vein of the Damned, TSOL, Misfits, Ramones, and Scaterd Few. Brooding and powerful, the band makes no compromises with their music or their message. Buckle up!

Band members: Joshua Lory – Vocals, Bass, Guitar. Jim Chaffin – Drums. Skot Shaw – Keys

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Thumper Punk Records helps artists record, produce and distribute music that reflects a positive, Christ-centered message.


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