Symphonic Metal Band ‘Promise Land’ Release ‘C.I.U.’ Music Video


Promised Land logo‘C.I.U.’ the new music video by symphonic metal band Promise Land can be watched below. The song is taken of their latest album “Harmony In Ruins” which has been released via XNILO Records on August 5th. 2014

According to the XNilo Website: High Quality, Professional, and Spiritually Thought-Provoking is the journey a listener will experience from “Harmony In Ruins”. Promise Land: “Harmony In Ruins” is a mix of cinematic-orchestral melodies multi-layered in with heavy guitar grooves that are accompanied by both melodic and edgy vocals that immediately captures the listener’s attention. This highly anticipated album release has been 3 years in the making and has proven to be Promise Land’s best work to date.

Promise Land, hailing from Pittsburgh, PA. Their first EP simply titled “Demo” was recorded and released in late 2005. The EP was selected as “Album of the Moment” for several weeks running on major Christian Metal/Rock websites, as well as remaining #11 on the “Best Rated Albums” on the largest online Christian Metal Music Vault. Their song ‘Christ in us’ [which is also rumored to be re-done on the upcoming album] was also selected as TOP 10 in the Kingdom Bound International Talent Search.

The band eventually revamped their sound and also made a line-up change, bringing on a second vocalist. To reflect the vocal change/new sound and musical growth, Promise Land quickly released a new single titled,‘Hiding Place’ in November of 2010. This song is based on the true story of Corrie ten Boom, a modern day hero of faith, based on her and her families action during WWII, specifically in hiding the Jews and facing imprisonment as a result, in holocaust camps.

Artwork description: The artwork tells the story of the title and lyrical theme of the album: “Harmony In Ruins”.The ‘Tree of Life (which now appears dead or dying) coming out of the scroll and showing the result of the fall in the Garden of Eden into modern times, which is depicted by the destroyed city across the water. Artwork design by Promise Land’s very own, David Michael.

Our review of “Harmony In Ruins” can be found here.

Promised Land - HarmonyInRuins

Track List:
1) In the Beginning
2) Harmony In Ruins
3) C.I.U.
4) The Piper Illusion
5) Leviathan’s Voyage
6) Before the Dawn
7) Hiding Place (a remake version)
8) Her Name
9) Holy
10) Eclipse
Bonus Tracks:
11) Harmony in Ruins (Orchestration)
12) Hiding Place (Instrumental)

Video below:  ‘C.I.U.’

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