Progressive Metalcore Outfit ‘Levels’ Releases their Anticipated Debut Record, Full Album Streaming


Yesterday, with the assistance of The Noise, we were able to provide an Early Listen of Levels’ anticipated debut record; yet, it’s not until today we hold the pleasure of publishing “Levels” across most Digital Retailers across the globe. The track listing extends itself through eleven titles, all to which the act has provided commentary on through a recent — Track By Track — article from New Noise Magazine.

Levels state, in regards to the album: “This record was created over the last year and a half. Many hours and long nights have gone into its creation. This album means more to us than most will know. It’s a special moment to finally put it out for the public to hear. All of our musical styles, tastes, and contributions collided into what we are proud to call our first full-length album. If you are a fan of heavy, this is definitely worth your while.

Acquire the act’s latest effort — Mastered by Joey Sturgis from Mixing Bros; Vocals Mixed and Edited by Nathan Cloos from Cloos Audio; and also Featuring Myke Terry of Volumes — iTunesGoogle Play

Levels is a project from Little Rock, Arkansas, which consists of Jake Sanders (Vocalist), Dalton Kennerly (Drummer, Vocalist), Rob Mathews (Guitarist), Jager Felice (Guitarist), and Jacob Hubbard (Bassist); they’re reminiscent of acts such as Wage War, Novelists, Volumes. Their compositions shift, bringing versatility within macro and micro scales; while keeping intact an aptitude to create contagious hooks, and choruses.

1. May Flower 3:49
2. Bloodstream 2:16
3. Disorder 3:32
4. Alive 3:21
5. Cosmic Waves 4:19
6. Mind (feat. Myke Terry) 3:04
7. Slip 3:40
8. Doppelgänger 3:25
9. Guilt (feat. K Toomer) 4:09
10. Fall to Earth 2:25
11. Define 3:04

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Video for “Levels” (Album Stream)

Video for ‘May Flower’

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