‘Prayer’ – ‘Tears Of Blood’ Music Video Available


Tears Of Blood is the newest video clip of the Brazilian metal band Prayer, the song is taken from their CD Anatomy Of Reality which was self-released in 2009. The video is produced and directed by Thiago Akira, check out the video below.

Prayer formed in June 1999 with the intention of taking over the heavy music a message of hope and change paradigms. In January 2002 the band had recorded their first demo with two songs. In July 2006 the band had released their first EP, called Show Me The Way, with four songs. Since then the band has done several shows in various cities in Brazil and played with renowned bands of the hardcore scene worldwide, as No Turning Back, Have Heart and 108.

In September 2009 the band had their album released so desired, entitled Anatomy of Reality, with 12 songs that talk of a brutal hardcore and a destroyer metal. With reflexives letters sent through an aggressive vocals, Anatomy of Reality has the intention to place people in front of a mirror so he can see his real face, the rottenness of his selfishness.

Anatomy Of Reality intends to present a new reality for humans, a fact of life and hope. The launch show of this album had the company of renowned Brazilian band, Confronto. In March 2010 the band had the privilege of opening a show for the renowned band POD. In October 2010 the band had the privilege of having their first clip released of the song Turning To Yourself. And in 2012 Prayer releases a second music video for Tears Of Blood.

01 Anachronism
02 Seed Of My Eyes
03 Our Winter Day
04 Hedonismo
05 Contradição
06 Turning To Your Self
07 Fragments Of An Epistle
08 Project
09 In Front Of The Verb
10 The Possibility
11 Tears Of Blood
12 Blame

Band members:
Vinicius – Vocal
Rhods – Bass
Daniel – Drums
Bruno – Guitar

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