Polish Metal Band Malchus Signs with Roxx Records, English Version of “Dziedzictwo” (Heritage) Releases Oct. 14th.


You wanted it heavy! You got it heavy! Welcome to Roxx Records the latest English language release from… MALCHUS

Polish Metallers Malchus released this very heavy album in 2019 in their native Polish language. In 2022 the band would record the album in English and Roxx Records is very excited to bring you this brand new album from Malchus!

You want it heavy? You got it! Enjoy the brand new Blum from Malchus and check out the first single entitled ‘The Heritage of War’ in the English language.

November 11th will mark Poland’s 104th year celebrating its Independence. With their album “Heritage” their wish was to present the music video ‘Heritage of War’ to promote the album “Heritage” on this particular date in recognition of their Independence.

Track Listing:

1. Case Zero
2. The Valley
3. Pre-Fear
4. Recognition
5. The Heritage of War
6. Body and Blood
7. The Heritage of Blood
8. I
9. The Hope doesn’t Die
10. The Innocent
11. The Heritage of Victory

Our review from “Heritage” (Dziedzictwo) can be found here.

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