Polish Metal Band Malchus Working On New Album, Recording Sessions Video Available


Polish metal band Malchus are currently working on their new album. The band has the following to say:

You don’t hide your talent in the ground and a lamp under a bowl
(Matthew 5, 13-16; Matthew 25, 14-30)

Every generation has its own war. After a long period of relative and illusive peace with safety, the time has come. Humanity is standing in the truth about life fragility. It’s the time when you can give up, stagnate and sink into depression and hopelessness feelings. But this moment may also be beneficial and rich in reflections. They can help you to find your own path and purpose of life.

Despite all unfavorable conditions for meeting and music-making, within a year we had handled creating and preparing the new material. Watch our February/March work in Studio Roslyn. We will soon present more details about our new release.

Their most recent effort “Dziedzictwo” has been independently released on Nov. 11th. 2019.

Our review can be found here.

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