Polish Metal Band Malchus Releases Music Video for ‘Dziedzictwo Krwi’


This year, the Polish metal band Malchus is celebrating their 15th anniversary. On November 11 they released their seventh album titled “Dziedzictwo” (Heritage).

This date is not accidental. As the band announces, the album will feature songs whose lyrical layer refers to the heritage of past generations of Poles. Its title can be associated with the history of our ancestors. The lyrics of tracks such as ‘Heritage of War’ or ‘Blood Heritage’ have a strong connection to the aforementioned “Heritage” of independence.

The band just released a video for ‘Dziedzictwo Krwi’ which can be seen below.

Our review of “Dziedzictwo” can be found here.

Video for ‘Dziedzictwo Krwi’

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