One-Men Extreme Metal Project ‘Be Not Betrayed’ Drops New Single ‘Void’ (Available for Free Download)


One-man metal project ‘Be Not Betrayed’ just released a new single ‘Void’ available for download from bandcamp.

“It has been a four year wait for new material to be released, but that ends today! Introducing the new single off of Suffering (ep coming soon)”

Be Not Betrayed is hailing from South Africa, founded by Jethro de Beer (Bismoth). Be Not Betrayed was formerly known as Raszagol for a period (named after the StarCraft character Raszagal). Around 2011 the band was renamed to Be Not Betrayed, taking a more serious stance on music as a whole (not that there is no humour allowed). The deeper meaning behind Be Not Betrayed, is that there is a lack of clarity in life but that Jesus would want His message to be viewable and understandable for all. That it is not about being a good person or fulfilling some quota like a business. A lot of Christianity has become shallow and soulless, some evangelical methods can be likened to door-to-door salesmanship. Be Not Betrayed is about the deeper meaning of Christ, the empathic side of Christianity – with sound doctrine but a lack of legalism. Just because people are different, is no cause for treating them as less than. Be Not Betrayed hopes to shine light on what true Christianity is, without being lukewarm or forcing down anyones throat.

Lyrics: Be Not Betrayed

Help! I’m alive in emptiness!
The fine tuned existence of cosmic catastrophe,
Lost in a sensation of entropy.
Nobody can call out evil from good or good from evil.
Morality is exiled,
Right and wrong no longer persist in randomness.
I saw a people who didn’t believe in God because of suffering,
predicated on nothing!
Blame your woes on nonexistence,
When feelings conflict with moral authority on why God,
Why me?
I’m alive in the void of superiority.


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