One-man Spirit Filled Black/Doom Metal Band ‘Ascending King’ Releases First Lyric Video ‘Moon of the Dead’


Ascending King is the brainchild of Aaron Kirby, known as Ruah. The band started in 2015, releasing a single under a short stint at SkyBurnsBlack Records, before ultimately signing with Nosral Recordings this year as the label’s first band. Ruah was previously the vocalist for Dryline, a metalcore band off Zero Sum Recordings, beginning in 1999 until they disbanded in 2008.

The doom metal band just released their debut EP, “Funeral of a Species” through Nosral Recordings (A new label founded by Michael John Larson (aka Sebat), guitarist of Frost Like Ashes).

Kirby comments: “Being signed to Nosral Recordings is God working in my life. I believe it is exactly where I need to be. This is a label to grow with and become better musicians and people of God.”

1. Stench of Man 5:53
2. Genesis of Desolation 5:00
3. Rupture in the Northern Sky 3:56
4. Moon of the Dead 3:28
5. Eternal Extinction of Apollyon 5:35

The debut EP “Funeral of a Species” is available now, click here.

Weblinks: Facebook Noisetrade / Bandcamp

Lyric video for ‘Moon of the Dead’

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