Old School Thrash Death Metal Band Outrage A.D. Releases First Music Video


Old school thrash death metal band Outrage A.D. have released its first music video, check out the video for ‘Unreal Trip’ below. The song comes of their album “New Blood” which has been released on Feb. 23 2018 via Nosral Recordings.

Outrage AD. began in 1992 as Outrage. Under the name of Outrage, the band, consisting of Vocalist/Guitarist Mart Marion, Drummer Nick Richer and Bassist Art Robillard, the band released a demo titled “Hail God,”closely followed by “Waiting for the Son.” In 1995, the band disbanded, going their separate ways. In 2013, Outrage was resurrected under the new name of Outrage  A.D., featuring Richer and Marion and their friend Nicolas Miquelon on bass. Two years of hard work came out through their debut album, “New Blood.” “New Blood” will finally achieve a proper release on Nosral Recordings.

Album review quote:

“New Blood”, new energy. The band is letting loose at a gallop, and the rhythm is compelling. I hear a “Glorify!” in amongst it all. While listening to this track, I study the album art and wonder about the significance of the album title. Could “New Blood” mean new offering, or renewal?

Outrage A.D. doesn’t play its trump card with the opening track, “God”. Instead, the album rewards the listener who sticks around for the balance of the tracks. I can confidently say that each time I listen to Outrage A.D.’s “New Blood”, I hear a new detail. It’s these kinds of albums that make it into my year-end top ten.

Check out our entire review for “New Blood” here.

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Video for  ‘Unreal Trip’



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