Old School Hardcore Punk Band ‘Desiring Dead Flesh’ Releases “That Suuck’d” Album, Available for ‘No Minimum’ Download


Punk band Desiring Dead Flesh recently released its new album “That Suuck’d” via Raven Faith Records, the album is available from bandcamp for ‘no minimum’ download.

Desiring Dead Flesh is a DIY punk band from Bay City Michigan. Desiring Dead Flesh began in the summer of 2000. Bryan had been throwing shows and running sound in Mid-Michigan scene for many years, so Desiring Dead Flesh always tries to be a band with the ‘scene ethics’ that venues and other bands like to do shows with.

Over the years the band as seen many member changes bringing the current line to include Bryan‘s son Adam (age 17 – joined in 2009), his daughter Ravyn (age 15 – joined in 2013)

Musically Desiring Dead Flesh likes short, fast, energetic old school hardcore punk songs. While singing about what “we love and hate” about the scene, family, faith, depression, society, with some humor thrown in.

At a Desiring Dead Flesh show the band has fun and likes everybody at the show to have fun with them – singing gang vocals, circle pits and releasing some pent up energy.

1. DIY 01:10
2. Peace Makers 00:32
3. Punk Today 01:06
4. Transcending 00:50
5. Fool’s Gold 00:34
6. Chuck’s Lawn 01:15
7. Thoughts In My Head 00:45
8. Broom Tree 00:44
9. Chords 01:34
10. Cold Frame 00:08
11. Rainbow 00:29
12. Dangerous 00:02
13. Ignorance 00:51
14. U R A Nation 01:02
15. This Place 02:01

Upcoming Shows:
Feb 10th 2018 @ Bemo’s, Bay City, MI

Band Members: Ravyn Hampton – guitar, Adam Hampton – Drums, Bryan Hampton – words

Follow them at: Bandcamp / Website / Facebook

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