Norwegian Metal Band ‘Vardøger’ Is No More …


Sad news from the Vardøger camp … the band reported the following:

We have closed down sales via our website, and will be closing down the web page shortly. Our Facebook page will stay open, but our band is history. It was a mind boggling experience for us all to finally complete a full length album, and we DID IT although many thought we never would make it. But life has a way of telling you when you need to make a move to the next faze, and with this band, it seemed like our destiny was to complete the record and move on. And move on we have in different directions. But make no mistake about it, we are proud of what we were allowed to share with you, and although we would love to make a second record, and to get that experience and maybe do it better, it was time for everyone involved to go in different directions. Thank you all for the amazing support and kind words over the years. We produced this thing our selfs and were never signed, so over all we are super happy of all the support we received.

Vardøger is over, but we hope our music will live on a couple of more years, at least!

Forged together amongst a growing extreme music-environment in Norway in the mid 90’s, Vardøger first started their musical path deeply rooted in Norwegian folk music and later adapted to Viking metal. As the members where occupied in different project, nothing really materialized, and the band was only considered a side project with no real plans on any release. It wasn’t until 2003 they were talked into releasing an EP with a collection of songs written around 1996-97. In later years, The EP “Whitefrozen” has been considered a classic.

In 2006 the band decided to break up and call it a day because of lack of dedication. It wasn’t until 2010 that the founding members Robert Bordevik (Grievance, Antestor) and Peter Dalbakk (Schaliach, Fleshkiller) decided to give Vardøger a new chance and in the process create the album they’d always wanted to write. With a new line up, they had a full upgrade on their songwriting and totally reinvented themselves. With endless effort, hard work and dedication their fresh new sound materialized against all odds. The latest line-up consisted of: Henning Ramseth (Ramzet, Return) on bass. Alexander Dalbakk/Guitar. Johanne B. Bordevik/Vocals. Knut Anders Sørum/Vocals. Jo Henning Børven (Grave Declaration, Antestor) Drums.

The critically acclaimed album “Ghost Notes” was finally released in Nov. 2015.

Our review of “Ghost Notes” can be found here.

In November 2016 the band played at the annual Brainstorm Festival in Apeldoorn, Netherlands. (Video footage below).

Video for ‘Call your name’ (Lyric video, Live @ Brainstorm Festival 2016)

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