Norwegian Bunker Metal Band ‘Drottnar’ Return with New Music


Norway’s technical avant garde metallers [They call it selves Bunker Metal] Drottnar are back with new music. The first ep “Monolith I” has been released on Nov. 1st. and today they releases “Monolith II”, both ep’s contains three tracks. Tracklist and cover artwork can be viewed below.

Through fire and tribulation, Norway’s Drottnar return to defy conventions and overturn expectations with their next evolution in sonic ascendancy. Melancholic introspection meets industrial precision as Drottnar continue to transcend genre while surveying the limits of musical discord.

This is not music for the faint of heart; there are depths of darkness yet to be uncovered. In a world full of death, bunker metal is alive.

Tracks: “Monolith II”
1. Axiom 05:06
2. Charagma 06:04
3. Nihilords 04:04

Tracks: “Monolith I”
1. Funeral Of Funerals 04:15
2. Aphelion 04:56
3. Subterranean Sun 06:00

Their long-awaited full-lenght album “Stratum” has been released on CD, Limited Digibook, Vinyl LP, worldwide on September 27th. 2013 via Endtime Productions.

Drottnar offers a highly addictive and distinctly unique blend of modern technical bunker metal. For fans of avantgarde and experimental extreme metal spanning a wide range and for once truly difficult to label. Mastered by Tom Kvålsvoll [Emperor, Arcturus, Borknagar]

Ending seven years of silence, Norways Drottnar return fire with a hail of sonic bullets. Through eight tracks of disharmonic bunker metal they force seemingly formless structures into terrifying monoliths of industrial strength. Precisely dissonant, surgically passionate – “Stratum” channels a claustrophobic, schizophrenic creativity that is highly unconventional and destroys all pretenders.

The long awaited follow up to Drottnar’s critically acclaimed debut album “Welterwerk” [2006] takes technical, experimental metal to the next level proving the scene is not only alive, but needs further clarification on the meaning of heaviness.

Unapologetic blackened metal for those seeking the extreme end of the genre. And when we say extreme, we do mean extreme, pushing the concepts of extremity as no others do! “Stratum” [plural: strata] – a layer of sedimentary rock or soil with internally consistent characteristics that distinguish it from other layers.

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